Current Status: WSDOT, in partnership with King County Parks, is constructing of 2.5 miles of new paved Eastrail in Bellevue. In May 2021 crews completed paved trail construction between 106th Avenue Southeast and Coal Creek Parkway Southeast, and are continuing to work between Ripley Lane North and 106th Avenue Southeast through summer/fall 2021 (map).

In north Bellevue 1 mile of gravel trail connnects 120th Ave NE in the Spring District to the Cross Kirkland Corridor

Future Connections: King County will construct a fully connected trail though Bellevue, eventually connecting to the Cross Kirkland Corridor. This effort will require several major infrastructure projects, including: I-405 overpass (open 2023), Wilburton Trestle rehabilitation (open 2023), NE 8th Street bridge (open 2022). [Learn More]