42 continuous miles of trails and sections of light rail connecting the communities of east Lake Washington to Snohomish County.

Go Eastrail!

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Eastrail is built to welcome everyone, with wide, flat trails, amazing scenery, and lots of ways to connect with neighbors and the world around us.

The Eastrail now serves as a home for many services that you rely on every day including sewer, power, and internet. It is also the future home of light rail segments.

Trail Sections


Current Status: 1.5 miles of gravel trail is currently between Gene Coulon Park and the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Future Connections: A new pedestrian-only connection into Gene Coulon Park and eventual a multi-use trail connection to Southport business area (hotels, The Landing, Boeing). [Learn More]


Current Status: In November 2021 2.5 miles of new paved Eastrail were opened just south of I-90 along Lake Washington.

In north Bellevue 1 mile of gravel trail connnects 120th Ave NE in the Spring District to the Cross Kirkland Corridor

Future Connections: King County will construct a fully connected trail though Bellevue, eventually connecting to the Cross Kirkland Corridor. This effort will require several major infrastructure projects, including: I-405 overpass (open 2024), Wilburton Trestle rehabilitation (open 2024), NE 8th Street bridge (open 2023). [Learn More]


Current Status: 5.75 miles of gravel trail through the heart of Kirkland (owned by City of Kirkland)

Future Connections: The Totem Lake Connector will be a bicycle and pedestrian bridge that connects the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) where it is currently severed by a complex intersection (Construction to be completed in 2022). Kirkland’s Willows Road Regional Trail Connection is one of the key projects that will result in a connected trail from Kirkland to Woodinville in 2022. [Learn More]


Current Status: Planning phase.

Future Connections: King County Parks and the City of Woodinville are partnering to construct a gravel trail from NE 124th to NE 145th in Woodinville. This section will open in 2022 and include a new trail crossing at NE 145th which will allow a connection between the Eastrail and the Sammamish River Trail.


Current Status: The Redmond Central Connector is 2.3 miles of paved trail through Downtown Redmond and continues to the northwest, connecting to the Sammamish River Trail, Redmond/Puget Sound Energy Trail, and through the Willows business district (owned by City of Redmond).

Future Connections: The final phase of the project will extend 1.6 miles north to connect with the Cross Kirkland Corridor and Woodinville across NE 124th Street.  In addition, the Redmond Central Connector will connect to the East Lake Sammamish Trail with the construction of Sound Transit’s Blue Line rail project by 2024.

Snohomish County

Current Status: No open sections open yet

Future Connections: Continuing north from Woodinville to the City of Snohomish the Eastrail will connect to the 30- mile long Centennial Trail, which extends to the Skagit County line, as well as the Whitehorse Trail (a 27 mile long corridor with amazing recreational opportunities). Development of this section (owned by Snohomish County) will move forward once funding is secured for final designs and construction. [Learn More]

Get there, faster

Sound Transit is developing light rail adjacent to sections of the Eastrail. Opening for service in 2023 the 2 Line will have multiple stations in Bellevue and Redmond. The Spring District/120th and Wilburton Stations on the 2 Line will offer easy access to the Eastrail. [Learn more ]