Built on a historic railroad line, Eastrail runs 42 miles along the east side of Lake Washington – from Renton to Snohomish WA – fostering community and sustainability for our region.

Currently under development with several sections open, Eastrail is truly a generational opportunity that:

  • improves access to transit options and to greenspace, decreasing carbon emissions; 
  • produces positive health outcomes for all populations; 
  • boosts economic growth through connections to employment hubs and communities; and 
  • improves equity through access.

It is more than a trail – it is a place to foster community and sustainability for our region. 

Eastrail is major spine of our regional trail network, linking to over 175 miles of existing regional trails.

This exceptional trail requires exceptional community, governmental, and business partnerships to build and connect all sections of the trail to become a multifaceted resource for our region.  

Collectively we are making great strides in realizing the vision for the Eastrail: more than 15 miles of the trail are open and attracting thousands of enthusiastic users. New funding for several major trail projects has been secured, including direct connections to new Eastlink light rail stations. However, there are still many undeveloped sections of the corridor. Now is the time to build on that momentum and realize the full vision for the Eastrail.

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For trail connections beyond the Eastside, check out the Leafline Coalition’s maps.

We respectfully acknowledge the Eastrail runs through the traditional homelands of the Coast Salish Tribes, whose lifeways are connected to these lands since time immemorial.