Over the past year, Eastrail Partners worked with Eastside For All to bring cross-cultural public art to the Eastrail using a Fund to Foster Belonging Grant. The process brought together immigrant and non-immigrant artists, cultural groups, and trail users from the Eastside for a series of collaborative conversations, culminating in a cross-cultural performance and a temporary art installation as part of Welcoming Week in September.

Performers at the Cross-Cultural Performance at Feriton Spur Park in Kirkland July 2023

The resulting art included sculpture, painting, photography, music, dance, storytelling, and theater which was enjoyed by our Eastrail community this summer. Artists and performers represented immigrant groups from around the globe, as well as members of the LGBTQ+ community on the Eastside.

Temporary art installation at the Feriton Spur Garden during Welcoming Week 2023

The group also collaborated to create a template for a more inclusive call for artists that Eastrail Partners will use for future public art projects along the corridor. We hope that this call for artists will help continue to bring multicultural and cross-cultural public art projects throughout the Eastrail corridor, as part of our mission to make the Eastrail a place for everyone, every day.

Dancers, stilt-walkers, and audience members along the trail in July

As we move into the new year, we will continue to center the voices and experiences of communities who are least represented in public art processes, investments, and decision-making.

We are grateful to Welcoming America and Symetra for providing funding for this project!