Deadline: July 28, 2024, Midnight


Eastrail Partners seeks an artist to design a mural to adorn a storage container being placed along the Eastrail in the Wilburton Neighborhood of Bellevue. This opportunity is open to all mural artists living in King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, Washington. The selected artist or artist team will need to present their final design to Eastrail Partners and King County staff before installation. The deadline for consideration is July 28, 2024.


This call aims to provide an opportunity for a local artist that will help bring character to the Eastrail corridor in Wilburton. This call will cover the decorating of one standard storage container on 3 sides. The selected artist will be compensated at a rate of $25.00 sq/ft, covering materials and labor ($9,650 Total). The storage container, which will be used to house maintenance materials for the trail, will have one side facing the trail with approximately 90 square feet to cover, as well as two doors, each approximately 70 square feet. Depending on the design, the roof and rear side of the container could also be covered. Artists can expect payment in two installments, half at the delivery of designs and half at the completion of the mural installation. This project will be funded directly by King County Parks, who will process payment and contract directly with the artist. After the selection process and selection notification, Eastrail Partners staff will work with the artist to develop artwork designs for the walls. If necessary, Eastrail Partners will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits, agreements, and large equipment. King County Parks will have final approval of design prior to installation and will validate design prior to final payment. Artists must carry their own insurance for the duration of the installation and provide proof of insurance with the submission of the design. This call has no specific theme, allowing for open interpretation and creativity. There is public art at the nearby at the NE 8th Overcrossing, just unveiled on June 23. The art is not within sight of the container, but should be considered during design process. Selected artists will be provided with more detailed guidelines before drafting designs; a general overview can be found at the end of this call.


This call is open to all active professional visual artists in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties in Washington State. Experience in creating and painting murals is preferred. Artists must be able to travel to Wilburton, Bellevue, at their own expense to install their designs in late summer of 2024. Artists must also meet the County’s mandatory insurance coverage, including Commercial General Liability coverage with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 annual aggregate, proof of which must be submitted at the time that design deliverables are due.


July 28: Call closes

Early August: Panel review and meeting

Mid-August: Selected Artists are reviewed by selection committee, followed by notification of selection. If necessary, a group of artists may be asked to submit a preliminary design to aid in the selection process. Artists will be compensated with a stipend if this is requested.

Late August: Contracting and development of designs

September: Wall preparation and installation

Please note that dates are tentative and subject to change.


Sunday, July 28 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Please allow ample time to complete your application; applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please reach out to Eastrail Partners before the deadline. If you do not have access to a computer, arrangements can be made to submit paper applications; in this case, please contact us no later than July 21.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (to be submitted online)

• ARTIST APPLICATION Please fill out all required fields in the online application, including your primary location, artistic medium, and items below.

• ARTIST’S STATEMENT (not to exceed 150 words) Please write a brief description of your artistic intent – inspiration, interests, point-of-view, techniques, etc.

• ARTIST’S BIO (not to exceed 150 words) Please summarize your background and artistic influences, training and significant achievements.

• UP TO FIVE IMAGES OF EXAMPLE ARTWORK Please submit up to 5 images of example work. Artists are encouraged to submit images of past murals; however, this is not required. This call is a request for qualifications, so please do not submit proposals.

• RÉSUMÉ (optional)


Complete the online application by midnight on July 28, 2024. Applications are collected through Google Forms.

Link to Call submission:


Artwork will be selected based on the following criteria: artistic merit, mural experience, and compelling example artwork relevant to this project.

A panel composed of Eastrail Partners staff, King County staff, Eastside for All staff, and several professional artists, will recommend artist selections. King County Staff will approve all final designs.

Eastrail Partners reserves the right not to select any applicants.


• The artist must supply an original design that can be painted onto a Storage Container. The artwork is not required to be brand new and can be an earlier work from the applicant.

• The artist must own all rights to images and content used in the artwork.

• The artwork must be appropriate for display in public spaces and viewing by a general audience, containing no text (including words, quotes, or letters), advertising or branding, or graphic depictions of violence and sexually explicit material (including nudity).

• The average lifespan of a maintained mural is typically 20 years. This time frame should be considered the general lifespan of the artwork; however, it is possible to be much shorter if the storage container is destroyed or funding for maintenance is not available.


For questions regarding the call and how to apply, please contact Colin Petkus at [email protected]