So much is underway to make a fully connected 42-mile Eastrail a reality. Eastrail Partners – the nonprofit unifying and catalyzing work to make the Eastrail for everyone, every day – supports efforts to further the Eastrail as well as programs that help improve trail and park access in throughout the Puget Sound region.

Allocating Move Ahead WA funds for King County Eastrail projects

Eastrail Partners thanks the State legislature for $28M in funding for Eastrail projects in Move Ahead WA and we support King County and City of Woodinville’s funding dispersal needs for these projects.

City of Kirkland’s HAWK Crossing Project

We support City of Kirkland’s capital budget funding ask for a HAWK Crossing Beacon at 132nd Place NE/Slater Ave NE and the Eastrail in the 45th Legislative District. The trail currently detours significantly out of the way to a traffic signal on busy NE 124th St.

SB 5452/HB 1135

Bills that approach authorizing impact fee revenue to fund improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, not just transportation facilities like public streets and roads.

Supporting Regional Trail Efforts and Park Projects

Eastrail Partners supports the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program funding request in the capital budget to create and improve outdoor recreation opportunities, develop trails, and enhance park space.

We support Washington State Parks’ capital budget funding request to protect and rehabilitate trail connections throughout Washington.